Co-operators launches "TomorrowStrong"

Offering aims to build resilience to climate change

Co-operators launches "TomorrowStrong"


By Terry Gangcuangco

Co-operators, in response to the impacts of climate change, is aiding its clients in mitigating risks and enhancing resilience at no extra cost with a new value-added endorsement called “TomorrowStrong.”

The insurance coverage is available on eligible home and farm policies without additional premiums. It aligns with the company’s commitment to community resilience by offering up to $3,000 for weather-resistant roofing upgrades and $1,000 for preventive measures such as security systems, sump pumps, or surge protectors.

Under the TomorrowStrong coverage, depending on certain conditions, policyholders can receive reimbursement of up to $3,000 for resilient roofing upgrades, with the roofing materials and installations having a Class 4 impact rating, Class G or H wind rating, and a Class A fire rating; $1,500 for hurricane straps, which strengthen the connection between a roof truss and wall plate; and $1,000 for prevention following a loss.

Lisa Guglietti (pictured), executive vice president of property and casualty insurance and chief operating officer at Co-operators, noted: “As insurers, we have a responsibility to protect our clients and our communities. To do that, we need to reimagine our approach to property insurance.

“Climate change is causing increased severity and frequency of extreme weather, and it's unreasonable to expect our clients or communities to face these threats alone. We need urgency and innovation to meet this challenge head-on because we’re past the point of just implementing mitigation or adaptation – the two are now inextricably linked.”

Co-operators, which handles over 116,000 tonnes of waste from property claims annually, is reinvesting savings from sustainable claims practices, which reduce waste and emissions, back into client and community resilience solutions rather than boosting profits.

“We knew that to make a real difference for our clients and our communities, we had to start with a comprehensive review of our own processes,” remarked Tara Laidman, vice president of home and auto insurance at Co-operators.

“Emissions and waste are fuelling the climate crisis, and if we simply rebuild following a loss to the same standard as before the damage occurred, we’re perpetuating a cycle. We needed to find a way to do better, and that's what makes this offering so unique.”

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