Survey: Desjardins’ driving app is making better motorists

Insurer uses app to encourage good driving behavior and to reward better motorists with reduced premiums

Survey: Desjardins’ driving app is making better motorists


By Lyle Adriano

Desjardins recently conducted a survey of its customers under its Ajusto program, and found that since the program’s launch in 2013, it has helped improve drivers’ habits.

The survey gives a glimpse of how effective telematics-based insurance apps can be.

The Ajusto program provides users with personalized information on how they drive. Participants only have to activate Desjardins’ proprietary Home-Auto app on their smartphones before driving to allow the system to monitor their driving behaviors. If the app detects that the driver is adopting safer driving habits, the motorist could be rewarded with additional insurance savings of up to 25%.

According to Desjardins’ survey of Ajusto customers, nearly 75% said that they had improved their driving by avoiding dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding and sharp braking. 76% also said they feel that Ajusto helps improve road safety.

“I’m really proud of the results. We’re committed to helping improve road safety and preventing accidents. These results confirm that focusing on prevention is the key to making that happen,” said Desjardins General Insurance Group president and COO Denis Dubois in a statement.

Other findings of the survey include:
  • 91% of respondents said they were satisfied with the program as a whole.
  • Since the program was launched, users have saved an average of 10% on their auto insurance premiums. Almost 80% of survey respondents said they were satisfied with their discount.

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