11 Joe Palmer

11 Joe Palmer

President & CEO
Palmer Atlantic Insurance

Once again, Joe Palmer took the top spot this year for New Brunswick, while also surpassing his 2014 revenue in 2015. Since 1980, his company, Palmer Atlantic Insurance, has specialized in long-haul trucking insurance and is one of the more prominent truck brokers in Canada. 

For Palmer, a defining characteristic of an elite broker is someone who provides value to the customers. “A real differentiator is being able to add true value to customers,” he says. “Elite brokers are always learning and expanding their knowledge base and abilities. You need to be able to adapt to different personality types when dealing with different clients and companies and having the ability to develop rapport and trust.”


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  • Palmer Atlantic Insurance
  • 538 Main Street, Unit 1, Hartland, New Brunswick (NB) Canada E7P 2N5

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