Jurenda Landry, Kase Insurance

Jurenda Landry, Kase Insurance

Director of client services
Kase Insurance

Jurenda Landry first realized the opportunities present in the insurance industry while working in an insurance-adjacent role. “I started doing some research and was amazed by the plethora of options out there,” she says. “I realized that the insurance industry would give me endless growth possibilities and that my potential was truly limitless.”

Particularly appealing to her was the industry’s constant evolution and technological development. “I love being able to engage in new processes, working with new technologies and overall creating a better client/broker experience,” she says. “I love pushing the boundaries and seeing the creativity and solutions that come from that.”

Landry also highlights Kase Insurance’s “exceptionally inclusive office,” where the focus is on helping to grow the next generation of industry leaders. “Building the right foundation from the start will lead to a long, stable career – that and continual learning, taking advice and being conscious of constructive criticism,” she says. “That has been a huge differentiator for me.”

Outside of the office, Landry is involved with the IBAO mentorship program and the Young Insurance Professionals of Toronto’s ambassador program.

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