Kelli Hunt, Next Wave Insurance Canada

Kelli Hunt, Next Wave Insurance Canada

Vice-president of underwriting
Next Wave Insurance Canada

After two years of working at an insurance company during university, Kelli Hunt became fascinated with the mechanics of the industry, got a job as a file clerk and never went back to finish her degree. A risk-taker by nature, Hunt grew up in the horse racing world and says that in insurance, “knowing you backed the right ‘horse’ at the end of the race is a pretty good feeling.”

Every day, Hunt strives to empower her team and acknowledges that what she does wouldn’t be possible without them. She puts a high priority on ensuring younger team members get the training and leadership they deserve. “I’ve been fortunate enough to get to work for some of the brightest minds over the last 20 years, and I hope to pass along their wisdom,” she says. “I’ve also learned to collaborate and ask for assistance – vital tools in our business. Managing different lines of coverage and working with different parties demands good communication and a team effort.”

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