Five-star Carrier: Unica Insurance

Five-star Carrier: Unica Insurance

Five-star Carrier: Unica Insurance

David Smiley, COO

Unica Insurance

Founded in 1955, Unica Insurance provides innovative niche Commercial and VIP Personal Insurance solutions to protect high net worth clients’ homes, vehicles, and businesses.

As a subsidiary of La Capitale General Insurance, one of the largest property and casualty insurers in Canada, Unica delivers tailor-made and best-in-class insurance protections through a network of select professional insurance brokers across Ontario. Backed by renowned claims experience for the driven, successful, and accomplished, Unica and their customers know success is about making a difference, achieving your vision, reaching for new goals, and having the freedom to pursue your passions.

Since 2009, Chief Operating Officer, Dave Smiley, has lead with his passion for building strong, sustainable organizations along with the Executive Team to champion the strategy of creating a unique niche insurer with a focus on specific commercial segments and VIP personal lines.

Unica believes in the importance of keeping Canada at the forefront of the insurance industry. By doing their part to bring greater awareness to Canada’s strengths and capabilities, Unica is committed to excellence and stands behind their Canadian brand and is driven by values that advocate people first: integrity and transparency, a customer-centric mindset, company sustainability, social involvement, and responsibility.

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  • 7150 Derrycrest Drive, Mississauga, ON L5W 0E5

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