Insurance Business Canada's Top 30 Elite Brokers of 2014

Insurance Business Canada's Top 30 Elite Brokers of 2014


The nation’s top insurance players are front and centre for the inaugural Elite Brokers ranking by Insurance Business, a new initiative that rewards and grades the top 30 leading brokers in the Canadian insurance market. 

Our inaugural Elite Brokers ranking attracted entries from all corners of the country, as we sought to evaluate and rank the top 30 individual insurance brokers from across Canada. So exactly how was each applicant assessed, you may ask?

The ranking system is a comprehensive and independent means of ranking the best-performing insurance brokers in the country. Due to the advanced and detailed information needed, each broker was required to supply their own details to Insurance Business to be eligible.

In order to rank performance, however, we were not simply inviting applications from the most advanced and senior executives working at high-profile, well resourced brokerages. We were also aiming to reward brokers from smaller firms and niche industries who were punching above their weight and achieving big things.

Our yardstick for success included:

  • Premium income
  • Revenue per client
  • Number and value of policies written
  • Number of new clients introduced to the business
  • Industry awards and recognition
  • Number of new clients introduced to the business during the 2012 calendar year.

Entries for the Insurance Business Elite Brokers ranking, collected throughout October and November this year, went through an evaluation process. Beyond the pure numbers of profit, there were other considerations as well – which spoke to the technological advances now available in the industry:

  • The percentage of personal lines new business coming through an online channel
  • If the brokerage was leveraging mobile technology and
  • The percentage of producers managing business on the road versus in the office.

A place in the Insurance Business Elite Brokers ranking is clear recognition of each broker’s professional standing as one of the leading brokers in the Canadian insurance market.

However, in interviews with our inaugural top 30, the consistent message received was that they couldn’t have achieved such successful results without a strong network of support staff and stakeholders.


Rank Name Picture Company Location
1 Danny Sgro Danny Sgro Jones DesLauriers Insurance Toronto, Ont.
2 Kevin Stedman Kevin Stedman Jones DesLauriers insurance Toronto, Ont.
3 Jeff Rodin Jeff Rodin Nacora Insurance Brokers Ltd. Markham, Ont.
4 Chris Sikorski Chris Sikorski Renfrew Insurance Calgaray,Alta.
5 Tony Di Corpo Tony DiCorpo Racine Chamberland Inc. Montreal,Que
6 Joe Palmer Joe Palmer Palmer Atlantic Insurance Hartland, N.B.
7 Mike O'Grady Mike O'Grady O’Grady & Associates Insurance Services Inc. Tilsonburg, Ont.
8 Brock Longworth Brock Longworth Cornerstone Insurance Services Prince Albert, Sask.
9 Norm McIntyre IBCA Top 30 Medal Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada Toronto, Ont.
10 Andrew J. Kilpatrick Andrew Kilpatrick Mitchell Sandham Financial Services Toronto, Ont.
11 Mark Jackson Mark Jackson The Insurance Market Toronto, Ont.
12 Debbie G. Khan Debbie Khan KRG Insurance Brokers Toronto, Ont.
13 Mark McKay IBCA Top 30 Medal Highcourt Partners Ltd. Toronto, Ont.
14 Ron Lamon Ron Lamon Algoma Insurance Ltd Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
15 Don Normandeau Don Normandeau Le Bon Ami Insurance Brokers La Broquerie, Man.
16 Don Hatton Don Hatton Hatton Insurance Agency Ltd Duncan, B.C.
17 Angela R Walton Angela Walton Wilson Insurance Ltd. Fredericton, N.B.
18 C.J. Nolan CJ Nolan Munn Insurance Limited St. John’s, N.L.
19 Michael Delaney MichaelDelaney RIO Insurance Brokers Toronto, Ont.
20 Susan Thirkill Susan Thirkill Cambrian Insurance Brokers Sudbury, Ont.
21 Judy Bell Judy Bell Beyond Insurance Brokers Inc. Whitby, Ont.
22 Royle Leung Royle Leung Broker Team Insurance Richmond Hill, Ont.
23 Rod Tidsbury Rod Tidsbury Nauroth & Associates Insurance Brokers Ltd Prince George, B.C.
24 Victoria Blodgett Victoria Blodgett Darling Insurance and Realty Peterborough, Ont.
25 Aaron Beattie Aaron Beattie Hoffmann Kool Insurance Saskatoon, Sask.
26 Bill Moretti Bill Moretti Tredd Insurance Brokers Toronto, Ont.
27 Tereen Mowrey Tereen Mowrey Henderson Insurance Moose Jaw, Sask.
28 Michael Abraham Michael Abraham Paisley Manor Insurance Toronto, Ont.
29 Jimmy Murphy Jimmy Murphy Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers Edmonton, Alta.
30 Andrew Clark Andrew Clark Marsh Canada Limited Toronto, Ont.


IBCA Top 30 Medal

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