Brokers: 38
Specialties: Personal lines, home and auto

What sets your firm apart from others?

Sharp Insurance is different from other brokerages because of our focus on technology and ingenuity. From its very inception, Sharp’s goal was to fill the gap missing in the brokerage industry at the time, which of course, was technology and market-specific saturation. Increasing our online profile through website development and social media platforms, along with creating a mobile app that allows its users to access and even change their policy details at any time, has really been a game changer for us.

Name five factors about your business that have helped you succeed:

The number one factor is our people. The second and third factors are our people. It is absolutely quintessential for a growing business to have loyal and dedicated employees who share in the company’s achievements and disappointments. The fourth factor is our unique culture, which is unparalleled in our line of business. We really do work hard to achieve our common goals, but we also have fun and enjoy our workday. Our technological focus rounds out our five factors for our success. We are constantly striving to be ahead of the industry in technology and marketing trends.

What kinds of coverage have contributed the most to your firm’s success?

Our personal lines auto insurance has been our greatest success. We were able to find a niche market that works great for us.

What’s the most important thing brokers can do to develop their business?

The most important thing any broker can do to develop their business is to really invest in their people. Compensate your employees well and provide them with tools and training they need to be exceptional at their jobs.

How does your firm retain top talent?

We created a highly engaging culture. Some of the most highly skilled brokers can feel underwhelmed and underutilized at their place of work. We challenge our employees by providing them with problems to solve or initiatives to plan and execute. It is important for us to create a safe and fun work environment where our brokers have a platform to communicate their ideas and share in the development and growth of Sharp. Putting aside time at work to have fun is also important – this is precisely how our great culture and sense of community was cultivated. We also provide fair and competitive compensation, and we always share our success with our people.

What’s next for your brokerage?

Our goal is to continue our rapid growth and development. We also want to continue to grow our sister company, sharpmobile.ca, which aims to provide brokerages across Canada with our successful mobile app and online client portal.

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