What made 2019 a banner year for Oracle RMS?

Joseph Huynh, strategy and innovation coordinator: In the past year alone, we’ve acquired, founded and partnered with over 10 branches; we now have more than 100 people employed in the company. Internal growth, strong operational performance and strategic investments have collectively ensured that we continue to sustain long-term success.

What did you do differently in 2019 than in other years?

JH: It was the year Oracle introduced its digital marketing, communications and analytics team, advancing the company in innovative ways by bridging the gap between insurance and technology. The team is one of the most powerful tools Oracle has at its disposal as a business going into 2020 to engage with consumers in the digital space.

How do you maintain a competitive edge in the market?

JH: Our operational performances have remained steady and true to the company’s values. A brokerage built on strong relationships with clients, markets and staff, Oracle has managed to stay on top of the competition by delivering on the same promise that got us here. Even during last year’s hard market, we managed to deliver on the same service our clients have grown to expect, resulting in sizeable growth of up to 35% from last year.

What’s the biggest challenge facing brokers in 2020?

JH: The biggest challenge facing brokers in 2020 is keeping up with the constant demand for digital advancements and changing consumer preferences. Last year we tackled this challenge head on, investing in areas that brokerages have often shied away from. We focused our efforts on enhancing and digitizing internal workflows while implementing new business practices to stay ahead of the industry.