Dana Bouwman, Insight Insurance & Risk Management

Dana Bouwman, Insight Insurance & Risk Management

Account executive
Insight Insurance & Risk Management

Age: 27

Since entering the insurance industry in 2017, Dana Bouwman has received her CAIB designation and has been promoted twice, now working as an account executive for mid-sized to large clients. Last year, Bouwman joined Insight Insurance & Risk Management, where she works with some of the most prominent companies in Alberta and abroad. Bouwman’s entrepreneurial spirit allows her to step into her clients’ shoes and understand their commercial insurance needs and wants.

Early in her career, Bouwman was aghast at the poor quality of insurance policies she reviewed for potential clients. To help others in similar positions, she now spends five hours a week crafting insurance videos to share through LinkedIn. “My goal is to lift the veil of mystery that surrounds insurance and help CFOs understand exactly what it is that they are buying,” she says. “It’s terrible when I sit down with a prospective client to review their current commercial insurance policy and find a potentially devastating exclusion they weren't aware of. I want to help people make informed decisions about their insurance.”


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