How behavioural insurance is reshaping the industry & yielding success for brokers

The life insurance industry has remained relatively unchanged for the last century with the strum of similar products and distribution channels – but behavioural insurance is changing that.  Shifting to a Shared Value business model is a powerful disruption in an industry that has thrived on a deeply entrenched pattern for distributing and purchasing insurance. If you’re an insurance broker or advisor, this free industry session is one not to miss – revealing top strategies for how you can position yourself to respond to shifting needs by having more meaningful and engaging relationships with your clients. Hear expert insights from Manulife’s Michael Dawson, Director, Vitality Sales & Distribution, as he delves into what brokers should be aware of as behavioural insurance leads the way forward. How is it helping Canadians live a longer and healthier life? And how can it positively impact the broker-client relationship and take your business to new heights? Watch now the free session today and gain the answers to these questions and much more:

  • How brokers and their business can benefit from this new approach to insurance
  • How you can achieve increased client retention and business growth
  • How to reach new markets and gain higher client engagement