Cream rises: importance of celebrating industry success

Cream rises: importance of celebrating industry success

Cream rises: importance of celebrating industry success In a cut-throat industry, competitively spanning the length and breadth of the country, being recognized for your successful contribution to the sector can be rewarding.

Both personally and professionally, formal recognition from within the industry that you’re being noticed and appreciated means a lot, says Insurance Business 2016 “Young Gun” recipient Daniel Kaufman, senior vice president and managing director at H.W. Kaufman Financial Group, the parent company of Burns & Wilcox.

“It’s a competitive industry,” he noted. “It’s fairly cutthroat, really. But overall we’re all working towards the same goal, which is to help the insurance company and help our partners. And really we want to showcase that and we want to celebrate it.”

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An advocate for maintaining talent within the industry, Kaufman helped develop Kaufman Financial Group’s Emerging Leaders Program, and was awarded the H.W. Kaufman Financial Group Leadership Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his efforts. No stranger to awards, he also won the 2015 William R. Story Memorial Award from City of Hope for his leadership and professionalism.

Speaking of his industry-wide recognition in Insurance Business magazine, he said: “I’m definitely proud of it. It’s meaningful to be recognized among thousands upon thousands of people in the industry. It’s something that I’ll carry with me in my bio for the rest of my career. People have definitely noticed it, people who read your magazine. They’ve come to me and congratulated me, and I’ve received emails congratulating me. It’s nice.

“It’s always nice to be recognized. Within companies or externally, recognition is always appreciated.”

Following on from Insurance Business Canada’s highly successful awards, Insurance Business America is pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural Insurance Business Awards in Chicago. For a full list of individual and organizational award categories, click here and find out how to become a winner this October!

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