Revealed – 5-Star Program Administrators and Carriers

Revealed – 5-Star Program Administrators and Carriers | Insurance Business America

Revealed – 5-Star Program Administrators and Carriers

The program administration market in the United States is booming. As such, the symbiotic relationship between program administrators and their carriers is more important than ever. To celebrate this relationship, Insurance Business America has released its first-ever 5-Star Program Administrators and Carriers report – available to view now, for free.

In June 2021, Insurance Business America put out a call for nominations for the best program administrators and program carriers in the industry. Nominees were scored based on their achievements and initiatives across a range of areas, including the largest programs, expertise and stability, innovation in program development, and use of technology.

Program administrators were also asked to provide feedback on the carriers they work with, which Insurance Business America used to determine the 5-Star Program Carriers – which can be seen for free, here. Carriers were evaluated on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) in 10 categories. Those that received an average score of 4.00 or higher in a particular category were named 5-Star Award winners for that category.

Among this year's 5-Star Program Administrators and Program Carriers are:

To find out who else came out on top, check out the full 5-Star Program Administrator and Carrier 2021 report now.