How insurance agencies can use social media effectively during the pandemic

How insurance agencies can use social media effectively during the pandemic | Insurance Business America

How insurance agencies can use social media effectively during the pandemic

Just because an insurance agency’s front doors might still be closed during the pandemic doesn’t mean its Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles should lie dormant. While agencies’ reopening plans might have stalled for the moment depending on where they’re based in the US, they still need to maintain a strong presence on their social media channels during this crisis.

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“Since we’re not able to stay connected and build those relationships in person, we’re doing it on social media,” said Becky Schroeder, chief marketing officer at Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC), adding that by being active on social media right now, agency leaders can “stay connected with your clients where they’re already spending a lot more time.”

There are several types of content that agencies can publish via their various social media channels that customers will find useful, but, first and foremost, they need to be sensitive to the situation.

“You don’t want to share anything that is going to add to people’s anxiety. Emotions are heightened right now and you want to be cognizant of making sure you’re not adding to the problem and instead are providing value in some way,” said Schroeder.

If they’re stuck on content ideas, insurance agents and brokers can consider the questions they’re getting from their clients. These can act as a source of inspiration to, for example, write a blog post and answer all of those questions in one place, or host a live chat on Facebook and answer questions there.

Agents and brokers can also consider the issues their customers might currently be facing. For instance, auto insurance is still mandated even if people are not driving as much, so agents should think about how they can help their clients find a policy that will cover them while also possibly saving money since they’re not driving as much. Moreover, agents should be proactive during this time, again turning to social media platforms when it makes sense.

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“Maybe you’re shopping their policy to reduce their premium, and sharing that message about the importance of not letting the policy lapse for a short-term gain, because in the long-term that’s going to cost more on the premium side when the consumer comes back to get another policy,” explained Schroeder. “Educate your clients on why it’s important to maintain coverage.”

There are likewise many carriers out there that have stated they’re refunding policyholders for a period of time during this situation. However, according to J.D. Power, only around 37% of consumers know that carriers are doing this. Agents can provide value in this moment by proactively reaching out to the policyholders of those carriers and sharing this information with them.

Other messaging ideas for when insurance agencies are crafting their social media content during this time include making people aware of the growing number of phishing scams related to COVID-19.

“Sharing information around what those scams look like, what to watch for, and how to avoid them can be super valuable to consumers,” said Schroeder.

There is also an opportunity to spread some positivity at a time when the near-term future looks bleak.

“There’s a lot of really great stories out there right now of people helping people, so share those,” Schroeder continued. Social media can be “a place to gather these stories in your local community … People want to help other people, but they may not know where to go or how to do it, so those can be some [positive] messages to share with an audience.”