‘Showcasing industry leaders is important’: with Gary Kimball

‘Showcasing industry leaders is important’: with Gary Kimball | Insurance Business America

‘Showcasing industry leaders is important’: with Gary Kimball
We caught up with industry veteran Gary Kimball (President – Kimball Hughes Public Relations) for a quick chat about his career in insurance PR and being a judge at the upcoming Insurance Business America Awards.

Tell the world about yourself! What’s your quick biography?

I’m the president and founder of Kimball Hughes Public Relations, a Philadelphia area public relations agency specializing in the insurance industry. We’ve worked with insurance carriers, brokerages, wholesalers, MGAs, associations and others in North America and the UK for more than two decades. Before starting my agency in 1995, I was director of corporate communications for a $3 billion banking company.

Celebrate excellence in insurance. Join us at the Insurance Business Awards in Chicago.

How great does it feel to be part of the thriving insurance community?

We’re excited and honored to be part of the insurance community, which has not only proven to be a big part of our business but an integral part of the lives of millions. One of the great parts of our job is helping clients tell their stories, whether it’s helping homeowners after a disaster or protecting a unique business risk.

How does it feel to be a judge for the IBAs?

I’m always happy to judge awards that recognize excellence in the insurance industry.

Why is it important to showcase & celebrate those in the industry who are raising the bar?

Showcasing industry leaders is important in any industry, not only to recognize excellence, but also inspiring others to raise their level of performance.

What are you looking for in an IBA winner?

I’m sure the competition will be tough, making it difficult to pick a winner, so I’m looking for someone who really does stand above the others, whether I can see it in their numbers or in the intangibles. The ideal candidate will excel in both areas.

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