“This is an amazing industry”: an interview with Brent Kelly of Sitkins

“This is an amazing industry”: an interview with Brent Kelly of Sitkins | Insurance Business America

“This is an amazing industry”: an interview with Brent Kelly of Sitkins

We caught up with Brent Kelly, executive coach – Sitkins Group, one of the judges at the upcoming Insurance Business America Awards, for a few thoughts on the industry and his varied and hugely successful career to date.

Insurance Business: Tell the world about yourself! What’s your ultra-quick biography?

Brent Kelly: After 15 years as a commercial lines producer and learning from mentors and coaches, I began speaking, training, and coaching full-time for the insurance industry in 2015. Today, I am an executive coach with The Sitkins Group where I help independent insurance agencies transcend commoditization and defy comparison so that they will become a category of one in their marketplace.

Personally, I live in central Illinois with my amazing wife and five – yes, five – awesome kids, four girls and one boy.

IB: How great does it feel to be part of the thriving insurance community?

BK: I love it! The insurance industry is an amazing industry and is going through some incredible changes. The more we learn and share ideas with each other, the better the industry will be both in the short-term and long-term.

IB: How does it feel to be a judge for the IBAs?

BK: I’m excited to learn what the top performers are doing to make difference for their clients, team members, and community. It is truly an honor and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity.

IB: Why is it important to showcase & celebrate those in the industry who are raising the bar?

BK: Too often the insurance industry gets put in a bad light. It’s imperative to highlight true insurance leaders who are making a difference in the lives of others. These leaders are paving the way for innovation and growth and should be recognized for their positive impact.

IB: What are you looking for in an IBA winner?

BK: I am looking for those that show leadership and bring positive changes to those around them. Those who are willing to share ideas and take action by moving from knowing to doing.

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