SGI's April spotlight reveals persistence of impaired driving issues

All impaired driving offences carry immediate consequences

SGI's April spotlight reveals persistence of impaired driving issues

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Police data from April has shed light on the persistent problem of impaired driving, despite efforts by SGI’s Report Impaired Drivers (RID) program.

A total of 374 offences related to impaired driving were recorded during the month, highlighting the need for continued vigilance.

Among the recorded incidents, 179 individuals faced Criminal Code charges, while 195 received administrative roadside license suspensions.

It is important to note that all impaired driving offences carry immediate consequences, including license suspensions, vehicle impoundments, impaired driving education programs, and Safe Driver Recognition demerit points.

The severity of the consequences escalates if the driver exceeds Criminal Code limits, is a repeat offender, or causes an accident resulting in injury or death.

With the weather conducive to patio gatherings, SGI emphasizes the importance of finding a safe ride home after paying the bar tab.

SGI recommends calling a sober friend or family member, taking public transportation, or utilizing taxis, rideshare services, or designated driving services. Driving impaired should never be an option.

In addition to impaired driving offences, other traffic violations were also recorded in April.

These included 448 tickets for seatbelt and occupant restraint offences, 4,991 tickets for speeding and aggressive driving, and 730 tickets for distracted driving, with 649 of them specifically for cellphone use while driving.

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