Almost a third of Canadians think winter tires are a ‘cash grab’

Despite insurance savings, almost a third think winter tires aren’t worth the cost

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By Lucy Hook

Three in ten Canadians believe that winter tires are a ‘cash grab’, a study has revealed, suggesting that the potential insurance savings may not be enough to win over consumers.

One in four drivers said they think winter tires aren’t much better than all-season tires, with more men than women – 31% versus 21% – showing greater faith in their all-seasons.

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The survey, commissioned by, reveals that while some doubt how effective the tires are, most agree that having them can help with insurance – seven in 10 drivers said that winter tires could help lower insurance rates.

However, Justin Thouin, CEO of said that many drivers still don’t think to inform their insurance company that they have installed the tires.

“Winter tires keep drivers safe, so most insurance companies should offer a discount,” he said.

“Make sure you’re reaping the rewards for your safe driving habits. While the discount won’t cover the cost of winter tires, it does help lower premiums to help save you money in the long run.”

The research also revealed some polarizing views among drivers.

Despite the lack of faith among some in winter tires, two in three drivers agreed that the tires should be mandatory for all automobiles in Canada – regardless of province – with millennials (age 18-34) more likely than baby boomers (age 55+) to view them as a ‘must have’.

But millennials were also more likely to view the tires as a cash grab – with 37% agreeing compared to 26% of baby boomers.

From region to region, winter tires were most popular in Quebec – where they are already mandatory – with 86% in support of them, and least popular in BC, where just 52% said they should be compulsory.

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