BC condo's insurance premiums shoot up over 780%

BC condo's insurance premiums shoot up over 780% | Insurance Business

BC condo

A 26-storey condominium in Abbotsford, BC has been rocked by astronomical increases to its insurance premiums – a 780% increase from its rates last year.

BFL, which insures the aforementioned Mahogany Tower, raised the property’s rates from $66,000 in 2019 to a mind-boggling $588,000 in 2020.

Mike Pauls, president of the building’s strata council, said that the increase will affect condo owners in the form of a one-time tax of $3,000 per unit. This does not include the additional monthly costs of $600.

The insurer explained that the increase was due to fewer insurance entrepreneurs willing to share the risk of insuring the high-rise building, which is valued at $79 million.

Pauls responded to the insurer, saying that he would have understood a significant increase in premiums if the property was in need of construction or repair. However, the Mahogany Tower has only been occupied for a year.

Surrey Now-Leader reported that the strata council instructed the building manager to approach BFL for a better offer. The insurer has since offered a lower premium of $241,000 – but with reduced coverage.

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