CAA targets “top of mind in that moment of need”

Inside insurer's first consumer brand campaign in nearly 50 years

CAA targets “top of mind in that moment of need”

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By Jen Frost

The public may best know CAA for its roadside assistance vans, but this could be about to change with CAA Insurance having debuted a consumer-facing brand identity for the first time in its 49-year history.

“CAA insurance company has been in business for almost 50 years, but we really have never gone to market with a consumer facing big brand campaign or positioning of our brands,” Shoshana Fruitman, vice president, marketing operations, CAA Club Group told Insurance Business.

“And so this is the first time that we’re doing that.”

The new brand campaign does “not necessarily” represent any strategic shift for the business. Rather, it is about raising awareness.

“We’ve been in business a long time and we really want CAA Insurance to be top of mind for people, right at that moment when they’re thinking about perhaps shopping around for insurance,” Fruitman said.

“We know that people understand in general that CAA offers insurance, but we really want to be that top of mind company that in that moment of need they’re thinking of us.

“And so we thought, what better way to do that than to really introduce folks to who we are and what we stand for, as an organization.”

CAA Insurance debuts new tagline

The business, which offers home and auto insurance (including pay-as-you-go cover for low mileage drivers), has settled on “making things better” as part of its new tagline.

“We recognize that most people know that sense of relief that they get when a CAA tow trucks shows up on the side of the road to help them versus sort of just any tow truck, and similarly, we recognize that a CAA insurance policy is not like any other insurance policy,” Fruitman said.

“Making things better is really meant to tell the story that in our DNA, in our culture at CAA insurance, we’re really all about putting people first when it comes to the decisions we make and championing fairness and delivering unexpected value to our policyholders out there in the market.

“And so making things better sort of tells that story.”

How CAA Insurance will look to boost its brand

The insurer’s campaign includes 10 television slots, Fruitman said, all focused on “everyday moments that we think anyone can relate to”, from finding an onion ring in your fries to avoiding out-of-date sushi.

“We really focused in on the beauty of those moments, and then used those to tell a little bit of the story of what the insurance company stands for,” Fruitman said. “And collectively, they really bring to light what we’re all about.”

The brand campaign will also target social media users, and includes five radio slots in addition to “a ton” of online videos.

“Online marketing, social media and digital marketing really plays a significant role in our media plan,” said Fruitman. “We do have that cross channel approach to our media strategy, because we really do need to reach our audience in a number of different channels for this message to resonate and to be seen and to have that visibility.

“Everyone we know uses multiple media channels often at the same time these days, as far as how they consume their media.”

The insurer has also launched a website under the ‘making things better’ tagline.

“We’re really excited for people to understand who we are and what we stand for better and champion fairness and unexpected value,” Fruitman said. “We think our campaign will tell that story of the way that we have empathy and really put people before profits.”

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