Desjardins introduces new exclusions

Desjardins introduces new exclusions | Insurance Business

Desjardins introduces new exclusions

Insurance giant Desjardins has introduced new exclusions for liability and property damage claims related to communicable diseases, such as COVID-19.

The exclusions do not apply to all customers. According to the Canadian Press, the Quebec-based insurer has notified impacted clients via a letter.

With the new exclusions in place, Canadian Press reported that certain Desjardins clients will not be covered if they are sued by someone for spreading a communicable disease. Furthermore, they will not be able to claim compensation for decontamination if their property is affected by a communicable disease.

This is a move that many insurance companies around the world have contemplated and acted upon as they manage their financial exposures related to COVID-19 and any future disease outbreaks.

Ian Lee, an associate professor at Carleton University with a background in insurance, told Canadian Press that consumers should expect to see other decisions like this from insurance providers in the coming months.