IBAO unveils new broker-focused campaign

IBAO unveils new broker-focused campaign | Insurance Business Canada

IBAO unveils new broker-focused campaign

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) has launched a digital campaign aimed at driving awareness of the benefits of using the broker channel.

The new campaign, entitled “Rest Insured,” looks to educate the public on why they should use a broker for their insurance needs. It highlights how complicated insurance can be, and how brokers can simplify the process by finding the right policy, guiding customers through the claims process, and ensuring their small business is protected, among other things.

“Brokers deliver both a curated interaction and end-product, creating recommendations that fit your lifestyle and needs, while saving you time and money. It’s an experience that can’t be matched,” said IBAO VP of marketing & communications Norah Black. “Our Rest Insured campaign is a direct reflection of that experience.”

The campaign, which began March 30, will involve three commercials on Connected TV on channels including A&E, The Food Network, ESPN and CNN; as well as display advertising; and a social media campaign on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. It will run for 12 weeks.

Black said in a statement that IBAO has developed a brand that “resonates with consumers by communicating in a practical, attention-grabbing way.”

“The creative platform we’ve built conveys the message that no matter what your insurance needs, you can relax because you’re in good hands working with a broker.