MGA introduces new mineral extraction program

A specialty MGA has is designed for the resources industry

MGA introduces new mineral extraction program

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by Michael Mata

CHES Special Risk Inc. recently announced the launch of their Canadian Mineral Extraction Program. “Mining the earth’s resources for its fuels and precious metals is a large part of [the] primary industry segment here in Canada, and puts us, as a nation, at the forefront of the industry world-wide. Whether your [client’s] company engages in surface mining or underground mining, your client will need to ensure that they are properly protected with a suitable mining insurance policy,” said Douglas Everett, president of CHES Special Risk Inc. “That way, if one of the many risks inherent in this industry results in loss or damage, your client will be able to withstand the financial repercussions and continue to generate profits”.

Everett went on to note that “our stock exchange is one of the largest markets for [the] listed mineral extraction enterprise, and new reserves are being discovered daily by the speculators…these companies, and their shareholders and finance houses deserve the best coverage available, especially in a market place with shrinking insurance capacity.”

CHES Special Risk Inc. is able to provide capacity for property and liability risks, both above and below ground, as well as mobile and fixed, in the following areas: mining for mineral and precious metals, crude petroleum and natural gas extraction, surface mining, underground mining, support activities and quarrying.

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