How Aviva Canada’s multinational offering helps businesses spread their wings

Here's what sets the program apart

How Aviva Canada’s multinational offering helps businesses spread their wings

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By Gia Snape

This article was produced in partnership with Aviva Canada.

Gia Snape, of Insurance Business Canada, sat down with Leszek Bialy, head of corporate risk, global corporate & specialty (GCS), about Aviva’s multinational offering and what makes it stand out in the marketplace.

Canadian multinational businesses have continued to expand their operations across borders, leveraging international markets, resources, and talent to drive growth and profitability.

However, with globalization comes more risk that these enterprises must navigate. From geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainties to evolving regulatory and tax requirements, Canadian multinationals face a complex risk landscape, underscoring the need for well-connected and specialized insurance solutions.

But while Canadian organizations are well-served in the domestic commercial insurance market, they have fewer options in the multinational space. Enter Aviva Canada’s GCS team, which is investing in growing its multinational insurance business to serve brokers and customers better.

“Aviva Canada offers customers and brokers a strong alternative to other markets that serve the multinational space,” said Leszek Bialy (pictured), head of corporate risk at Aviva Canada.

“Our team has several decades of combined experience navigating multinational insurance solutions, and we bring that expertise and knowledge to our clients. We're looking to support Canadian customers and brokers with best-in-class service.”

What makes Aviva Canada’s multinational insurance offering stand out?

Multinational insurance is essential for large businesses operating across borders as these solutions provide comprehensive insurance coverage, ensure compliance with local regulations, and provide global support and flexibility.

First launched in 2022, Aviva Canada’s multinational insurance solution combines the dedicated technical expertise of its GCS underwriting and claims teams with Aviva’s extensive network of global partners.

The multinational business is a core capability and offering of the global Aviva Group, which operates in Canada, the UK and Ireland. Its strong foundation and capability were built through Aviva’s UK operations for over 15 years.

At the same time, Aviva Canada’s domestic relationships position it to deliver on the multinational front.

“Given that we've already built strong property and casualty relationships with our customers and brokers domestically, we feel that our team’s experience and capabilities can take that proposition forward through the multinational offering,” Bialy said.

Non-owned versus owned networks – what’s the Aviva Canada advantage?

Global multinational insurers rely on a combination of owned and non-owned global partner networks to manage and support their underwriting and claims solutions. While other competitors have a larger owned-network presence, Aviva’s non-owned network should not be ignored.

With strong links in over 150 territories – representing more than 95% of the world’s GDP – Aviva can serve global customers wherever they operate.

“What sets us apart in the large-risk multinational space is how we engage in terms of our service standards and being solution-focused with our customers,” Bialy said.
The advantage of non-owned network partners is that their service is backed up by strong contracts with robust governance and monitoring underpinned by service-level agreements.

“That sets us apart and gives us a competitive advantage against other carriers with owned networks,” he added.

“While other organizations have similar service agreements, Aviva’s strong customer focus, alongside its global partner relationships, are much more meaningful because there are expectations and service-level agreements that let us ensure that our partners do the rightmost to service our clients and their global needs.”

Multinational insurance: Peace of mind for Canadian businesses growing globally

Aviva Canada’s approach to its multinational program is rooted in its customer-centric and forward-thinking organizational values.
“There's a strong focus on the customer, which is reinforced through our broker relationships. We try to make it click for the customer and our broker partners,” said Bialy.

“We’re also forward-looking and forward-thinking in providing solutions that meet the needs of our customers and brokers. So, it’s less about being transactional and more about being solution-oriented, especially with the multinational solutions. We’re focused on understanding the client's needs, problems, and why they're looking for an alternative.”

Aviva Canada’s dedication to crafting bespoke solutions and providing in-depth industry knowledge means that customers can focus on growing their business and not on their insurance.

“Canadian multinationals need peace of mind that they're partnered with an insurer with the expertise and knowledge to help them manage their insurance needs, not only domestically but also internationally,” said Bialy.

“The multinational insurance space is quite complex. You need many resources and partners to execute a good customer experience, and the global tax, legal, and claims environment is constantly evolving.

“Ensuring that a Canadian multinational firm is partnered with the right organization can impact their brand, reputation, and customer base.”

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