Pacific Blue Cross on its “healthy” approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Pacific Blue Cross on its “healthy” approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion | Insurance Business Canada

Pacific Blue Cross on its “healthy” approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion

As part of its 5-Star Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion awards, Insurance Business surveyed insurance employees to determine what are the most important things in a company’s diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) programs.

That survey found that the top three things that every insurance employer must have in their DEI program are: employees having a sense of belongingness at the company; knowing that employees’ personal beliefs and traditions are respected; and knowing who and where to go if someone needs to report inappropriate behaviour based on diversity.

Pacific Blue Cross (PBC), a winner of IBC’s 5-Star DEI award, is proud that it has met these DEI goals, and more.

“I’m pleased with this ranking,” commented PBC senior vice president of people and culture Rob Chiarello. “The top three that our staff have highlighted are a part of our DE&I purpose statement, so this really tells me we are on the right track.”

Indeed, many of PBC’s staff have spoken highly of the company’s DEI efforts, as evidenced by their answers to IBC’s survey.

PBC associate vice president Brooke Moss said in their survey that the company’s DEI programs are “an expectation and an opportunity to attract strong talent and customers.”

Meanwhile, PBC manager, financial planning & analysis Maya Lanto indicated that implementing a DEI policy “will ensure everyone understands each other,” because “it’s a crazy world out there,” and “people come from different backgrounds.”

“People deserve to feel safe and valued at work,” said PBC director Cathy Nurmi.

PBC’s guiding principle when it comes to DEI is taking “the healthy approach.” It may sound like a pun that rides on the company’s role as a health insurer, but PBC is genuinely committed to establishing and protecting the DEI of its employees.

On the company website, PBC explained that it has multiple internal DEI eLearning modules on various topics, such as gender awareness, Indigenous awareness, why respect matters, overcoming bias, and more.

PBC is no slouch either when it comes to serving as a champion of DEI. The company is a sponsor of the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council with the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, is a  member of the Canadian Centre of Diversity Inclusion and partners with Pride at Work.