What makes an insurance rising star?

These professionals are helping shape the future of insurance

What makes an insurance rising star?

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By Mika Pangilinan

The young professionals recognized in Insurance Business Canada’s 2023 Rising Stars have demonstrated their dedication to driving change and innovation in the industry.  

These professionals have proven that age is no barrier to success in the insurance world, having made significant contributions across various domains within the industry. 

According to Dionne Bowers, owner of D. B. Solutions and a member of the judging panel, this year’s Rising Stars have shown that true talent in the insurance profession goes beyond technical knowledge. 

“Young professionals need to be committed to change with the community, whether insurance or otherwise,” said Bowers. “I believe every Rising Star must possess critical thinking, leadership, problem-solving, and soft skills to be successful.” 

The common thread that binds the Top 50 Rising Stars for 2023 is their unwavering commitment to their craft. 

In a recently published report on this year’s winners, hard work emerged as the top trait enabling these young professionals to advance in their careers, followed closely by emotional intelligence. 

Beyond these attributes, specific management training and legal knowledge have also been instrumental in their rise to prominence.  

Strikingly, having a relevant degree or a long career at the same employer ranked lower on the factors contributing to success, highlighting the significance of adaptability and continuous learning in the industry. 

Joseph Carnevale, vice president of sales at Gallagher and another judging panel member, succinctly described the attitude that helped these Rising Stars succeed in their careers. 

“Every event is an opportunity to step up and demonstrate leadership, regardless of their position or title,” he said.    

Among the 50 young professionals recognized by Insurance Business Canada this year is Alexander Rei, a 30-year-old business development manager at Echelon Insurance

Rei has described his current position as a dream job. His dedication to boosting his company’s growth and fostering engagement within the industry is evident, with peers and clients commending him for his enthusiasm and passion for work. 

“I have never met anyone who cares more about providing the best service possible for their brokers and clients,” one said. 

 "Alex goes the extra mile for his brokers and works tireless hours fostering that relationship," another added. “I love his passion for the industry.”  

Read the full report on Insurance Business Canada’s 2023 Rising Stars to learn more.

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