Port starts insurance crackdown on pleasure craft

Port starts insurance crackdown on pleasure craft | Insurance Business

Port starts insurance crackdown on pleasure craft
Almost a month after Port Moody launched its Designated Anchorage Area (DAA) pilot program, the city on Monday has begun cracking down on derelict ships that have been left neglected in the delegated anchorage space. The city is also requiring all boats moored in the DAA to be insured, among other prerequisites.

CBC News reported that 12 boats in “dire condition” were removed from the DAA.

Mayor Mike Clay said that about 17 boats have already been removed from the inlet, with more to come.

Over 30 boats in the DAA were or are being moved by their owners who have chosen to take their crafts to another place to dock.

The DAA is a joint project by Port Moody and the Port of Vancouver, which gives the former jurisdiction over an area on the water.

Clay said that the move to remove neglected boats is the result of years of planning, with consultation from residents and boat owners.

"We had a lot of complaints from owners, some of whom would send me pictures of people living in their boats, people throwing garbage into the water, of boats sinking, and boats that were washing up on the shore," Clay remarked.

He also noted that navigation became difficult for rowers and sailors as more boats were anchored in the inlet.

"We spent the last two and a half years trying to track down the owners of these boats, and have them removed for safety and environmental concerns," Clay added.

Under the DAA rules, boat owners looking to anchor in the spot will need insurance for their vessels.

"The city wants to know who the owners of these boats are and to make sure that they have insurance, so if they cause any damage or wash up on the shore, we can identify the owners," Clay explained.

Aside from the insurance requirement, the boats also have to be registered and permitted with the city in order to dock in the DAA. The permit contract costs $500 for the deposit, and boat owners/operators will need to pay a $12 fee per night.
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