Ten websites to help you find the best insurance jobs in Canada

If you're looking for insurance jobs in Canada, these websites can help make the process easier

Ten websites to help you find the best insurance jobs in Canada


By Mark Rosanes

Regardless of whether you’re starting an insurance career or you’re an industry professional seeking new opportunities to grow professionally, the search for the right insurance jobs can be an overwhelming experience. This guide can make the process a lot less intimidating.

To help make your job search easier, Insurance Business reveals the best websites in Canada where you can find great insurance jobs. These sites provide access to high-quality postings for every stage of an insurance career – starting from entry-level positions to key executive roles – and boast a range of filters to match you with the jobs that fit your skills and requirements. The list is arranged alphabetically. Read on and get your search for your dream insurance job going right now!

10 best websites to find insurance jobs in Canada

1. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is an HR tech platform designed to help employers manage and attract talent. It has a global reach that spans Canada, the US, Asia, and Europe, making it among the biggest employment websites in the world. A quick search on the website’s job board yields around 350 insurance jobs across the country. You can filter the search results based on:

  • The type of job
  • Date of posting
  • Salary range

CareerBuilder allows you to upload your resume for free for insurance companies to easily access. The website also has a section on professional advice where you find tips on a range of topics, including how to answer interview questions and negotiating your salary. Users can likewise access CareerBuilder’s salary tool through CBSalary.com, which enables you to compare salaries for similar jobs in the field.

2. Eluta

Eluta.ca is a job search engine that posts listings exclusively from the winners of the Canada’s Top 100 Employers competition. Both are owned by Mediacorp, the largest publisher of employment periodicals in the country. Eluta.ca has an average of seven million unique users each year.

Eluta.ca indexes postings directly from company websites. This allows the website to access unadvertised roles that you cannot find on other job boards. If you’re targeting a role in Canada’s Top 100 Employers, then the website is the place to start your search. Its job board has currently more than 180,000 postings for insurance jobs, which can be a lot to take in. 

Another of Eluta.ca’s prominent features is the Read Review function. This gives you access to independent editorial reviews of each company, giving you a clear picture of how it is to work there.

3. Indeed Canada

Indeed remains one of the most visited employment websites, not just in Canada but also globally, thanks to its user-friendly interface and simplistic design. It attracts around 300 million unique users monthly, making it a great option if you want to view as many job listings as possible. The Canadian website has more than 5,000 postings for insurance jobs.

Just like other job search engines, Indeed allows you to upload your resume for insurance companies to easily access. You can also sort through jobs based on:

  • Date posted
  • Whether the role is remote or not
  • Salary estimate
  • Job type
  • Occupation
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Company
  • Job language

Indeed also comes with a separate section where employees can rate their jobs. If you’re wondering what an insurer’s workplace culture is like and how it is managed, this feature can help provide you with meaningful insights.

4. Insurance Institute of Canada

The Insurance Institute of Canada (IIC) is a not-for-profit organization that offers standardized professional development programs for the country’s insurance sector. Unlike others on the list, IIC is not an employment website, but you can still search for insurance jobs there, although the list is not as comprehensive. The organization’s Job Site section lists 25 job postings from 11 insurers. If you don’t like sifting through long listings, the IIC’s website may suit you. You can also search for jobs in the fields of accounting and banking and financial services. 

Because IIC operates a career development website, users can also access a range of training courses, including those that allow you to gain designation for the following:

  • Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP)
  • Advanced CIP
  • Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP)

In addition, the website has a Career Connections section, where you can access tools that can help you start a career in insurance, and the MyCareer section which comes with resources to enable you to maximize your career potential.

5. Insurance Works

InsuranceWorks.ca is Canada’s largest employment website dedicated to insurance jobs. To date, the website has more than 53,000 registered active jobseekers and over 300 registered employers. Its job board features around 600 jobs, which you can filter based on a comprehensive list of expertise. You can also sort the jobs by:

  • Posting date
  • Location
  • Experience level
  • Employer

InsuranceWorks.ca also has a section on the top 10 most viewed insurance jobs, giving you an idea of which roles many jobseekers are eyeing for.

The website allows you to post your resume and create an alert to notify you if there are postings that match your skills and qualifications. It also has a section on career advice.

6. Job Bank

Job Bank is an employment website run by Employment and Social Development Canada in partnership with the provincial and territorial governments. Users can also access Job Bank via mobile app.

The website’s job board currently lists about 150 insurance jobs, which you can filter by wage, requirements, skills, and role, and broken down by province and territory. One prominent feature of the website is the section on labour market information where you can view a snapshot of the role you’re applying in. The information provided includes:

  • The job’s description
  • Prospects across Canada
  • Job requirements
  • Median wage
  • Number of jobs available
  • Skills needed

You can also subscribe to email alerts and register for a Plus account to be able to access the Job Match tool that pairs you to a position matching your unique skills and ability.

7. Jobboom

Jobboom is the top employment website in Québec. Users, however, can still access listings from outside the province. Jobboom functions as a job board and advisory service business. Apart from job postings, the website offers contract opportunities, training, and career advice for both the jobseekers and employers. At present, Jobboom’s job board lists more than 3,500 insurance jobs across Canada.

By registering with Jobboom, you can upload and update your resume and create email alerts for job offers. You can also activate your CV’s visibility to let insurance companies know that you are actively searching for opportunities.

8. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional networking website. Because it functions as a social media website, the platform is not limited to just providing job postings. It also opens a range of digital networking opportunities for the business community. LinkedIn’s user-friendly interface also allows you to send a direct message to different job listings.

Because of its popularity as a business networking site, LinkedIn comes with an overwhelmingly long list of postings. In Canada, the website lists more than 28,000 insurance jobs. You can trim this number down, however, by using its range of filters.

9. Monster Canada

Monster has earned a reputation as a pioneer and innovator in the online employment and recruitment space by rolling out the first resume database, which can only be accessed by providing usernames and passwords. The company was also the first to launch a job-search agent, something that other employment websites followed suit. In addition, Monster was the first job search engine to create a category for executive-level positions.

Monster’s expansive global reach enables it to provide users with an extensive list of postings, with thousands of insurance jobs across the country. You can sort through these listings by state, city, and insurer.  

You can likewise subscribe to job alerts to receive email notifications every time new insurance jobs are posted. Monster also has a salary tool that can give you a ballpark figure to negotiate on. Another popular feature is its section on career advice.

10. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is an online employment marketplace that allows employers to post listings on more than 100 job websites with just a single submission. The platform uses artificial intelligence to evaluate over 36 million resumes in its database, enabling it to match job vacancies with the best candidates. These features make ZipRecruiter a popular tool among companies and HR staff. 

ZipRecruiter gives jobseekers access to an overwhelmingly large number of listings. You can sift through job postings by filtering these to suit your experience and skills. The platform has almost 30,000 postings for insurance jobs across Canada. You can also access ZipRecruiter’s salary tool and jobseeker reviews.

What are the benefits of taking insurance jobs in Canada?

The biggest benefit of taking an insurance job is the sense of fulfillment in knowing that you played an important role in providing families and businesses with financial protection. But this is just one of the many advantages of choosing a career in insurance. Here are some other factors that make being an insurance professional both an exciting and rewarding career.

  • Diverse career options: A career in insurance opens opportunities to a range of industries. Besides the conventional insurance broker and agent, adjuster, and insurance underwriter roles, you can pick up an insurance job in the fields of accounting, actuary, customer service, data analytics, HR, IT, legal, marketing, and sales.
  • Professional advancement: Insurance professionals are offered several opportunities to develop new skills and progress in their careers. They can also pursue educational opportunities to sharpen their knowledge and industry know-how, with some employers even offering financial assistance.
  • Stability: Insurance will always be in demand as long as people are buying homes, driving vehicles, seeking medical treatment, travelling to different places, operating businesses, or simply in need of financial protection.
  • Earning potential: Insurance professionals are typically given a good living salary with a high potential for growth. We will rank the highest-paying insurance jobs in Canada in the succeeding section.
  • Challenging and rewarding work: Insurance is a dynamic sector that presents a different challenge each day. This gives insurance professionals several opportunities to solve problems creatively and innovatively, which at the end of the day, can be fulfilling.

What are the highest-paying insurance jobs in Canada?

One of the factors that make an insurance career attractive is the strong earning potential it brings. According to this website, the average base salary of an insurance professional in Canada is at $52,000 annually. You can also have a chance to earn double this amount as you complete various professional qualifications.

The table below lists the highest-paying jobs in Canada based on data gathered from the website above.

 15 highest-paying insurance jobs in Canada

Where can you find companies in Canada that offer the top insurance jobs?

If you’re looking for the top companies in Canada that offer the best insurance jobs, we recommend that you visit our Best in Insurance Special Reports page, where you can find respected and reliable market leaders, including the fastest growing insurance brokerage in Canada.

The insurance companies featured on our special reports are nominated by their peers and vetted by our panel of experts as dependable leaders of the industry. By choosing to start or continue your insurance career with these insurers, you can be sure that you will be a part of an organization that provides a great working environment, is committed to diversity and inclusion, and offers opportunities for employees to thrive and grow their insurance careers.

Do you think the websites on our list provide a huge help to those seeking insurance jobs? Why or why not? Feel free to share your comments below.


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