Transport Canada makes two electronic devices mandatory for trucks and buses

Federal government believes the two devices can help improve road safety

Transport Canada makes two electronic devices mandatory for trucks and buses

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By Lyle Adriano

Transport Canada has passed new regulations that require commercial trucks and buses to have two electronic safety devices installed.

The new regulations require electronic stability control technology on new truck tractors and heavy buses sold in Canada. Separate proposed regulations will implement mandatory electronic logging devices for federally regulated motor carriers, a release said.

Electronic stability control systems are a crash avoidance technology that detects and reduces loss of traction. When an ESC system detects a loss of steering control, it automatically applies to brakes to help steer the vehicle.

Electronic logging devices help a driver to remain compliant with federal commercial vehicle drivers hours of service regulations, which reduces the potential for driver fatigue. The devices also reduce the need for paper log books.

“We’re constantly looking at how technology can improve road safety, and electronic stability control and electronic logging devices fit the bill. These new measures not only make trucks and buses safer, but they also have a trickle-down effect of making the roads safer for all Canadians,” said Minister of Transport Marc Garneau in a statement.

“Electronic logging devices are going to ensure optimum compliance with hours of service regulation for truck drivers, which is going to reduce commercial vehicle collisions related to fatigue and cognitive driver distraction,” commented Ontario Trucking Association president and Canadian Trucking Alliance president Stephen Laskowski.

“The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada and its members are extremely pleased about this announcement. Our membership has been involved in the consultations with the department and are firm believers that this regulation will benefit the entire industry. Electronic logs will make compliance easier to verify, ensuring all carriers are following the hours of service rules. This will result in a leveling of the playing field within the industry and improved road safety for all,” Private Motor Truck Council of Canada president Mike Millian remarked.

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