iA Financial executive appointed to the Canadian senate

Head to continue serving as an advisor to insurance company

iA Financial executive appointed to the Canadian senate

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By Lyle Adriano

Clément Gignac, senior vice president and chief economist with iA Financial Group, has been appointed as a senator by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

With Gignac’s appointment as senator, iA Financial has named Sébastien McMahon, current portfolio manager and economist, as interim chief economist. Gignac will remain involved with iA Financial as an advisor to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities.

Gignac has served as senior vice president and chief economist at iA Financial since December 2012. Aside from acting as the company’s spokesperson on economic issues, he has co-managed various solutions with Tej Rai and Sébastien McMahon.

iA Financial offered its congratulations to Gignac.

“It has been an honour to work closely with Clément, who I will certainly miss,” said iA Financial executive vice president and chief investment officer Alain Bergeron. “His considerable experience and dedication have helped strengthen our investment capabilities. The high level of excellence established by Clément will serve as a benchmark for the recruitment of the next chief economist, a process that we are launching now.”

“Since his arrival at iA Financial Group, Alain Bergeron and I have worked as a team to take our portfolio management to the next level,” Gignac commented. “The performance of the funds under my responsibility has been excellent since our collaboration began.”

As head of the Asset Allocation Committee, Bergeron will continue to be involved in the management of the funds for which Gignac was portfolio manager.

“iA Financial Group has invested significantly in the asset allocation team over the past year with the addition of top-rate talent,” explained Bergeron. “We have a world-class team that will continue to manage the funds, and I am confident that our clients will continue to benefit from exceptional portfolio management.”

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