Stratford Underwriting Agency debuts in BC

Stratford Underwriting Agency debuts in BC | Insurance Business Canada

Stratford Underwriting Agency debuts in BC

Insurance MGA Stratford Underwriting Agency is now open for business in British Columbia.

A release from the firm outlined that it aims to offer the best prices for locals, as well as more options on optional auto coverage for a wider range of drivers.

The optional vehicle insurance includes extended third-party liability, collision, loss of use and comprehensive protection for things like cracked windshields or property theft. Stratford also offers specialty coverage for luxury cars and antiques.

It leverages technology to encourage auto insurance policyholders to drive safely while providing lower-cost coverage to those who would not otherwise qualify, like new drivers. Seasoned drivers with good records can save more on their insurance off the bat, and new drivers will get a competitive price plus access to a smartphone app that promotes safety.

The company noted that the smartphone app will never slap consumers with a surcharge. It went on to say in a release that it will be one of the very few underwriters in Canada to offer consumers a discount for using a distracted driving prevention app.

“Car insurance rates are on the rise, and British Columbians are tired of paying too much,” Stratford CEO Colin Brown said in a statement. “We’re on a mission to bring more choice, more savings and a better overall experience. That’s the driving force behind our new company. We’re here to offer more, for less.”

Stratford also said that it would give drivers discounts for insuring recreational, leased or fleet vehicles, touring and other specialty motorcycles, vehicles in storage, and hybrid or electric models. The company even mentioned that many affiliated body shops will provide a 10% discount for Stratford customers.

The MGA has future plans to offer 24/7 access to its renewal and claims reporting process via an online portal.