THIA: Selfies could cost you your travel insurance

New survey suggests that travellers should be more aware of the consequences of risky activities

THIA: Selfies could cost you your travel insurance

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By Lyle Adriano

The Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THIA) has revealed the results of its latest survey, finding that Canadian travellers need to be more aware that certain vacation activities could put their cover at risk.

The survey discovered that 13% of respondents have been injured while posing for selfies – the number jumps to 18% for millennials. THIA also found that 20% of respondents admitted to consuming more than five drinks in two hours while on holidays.

Both activities could result in the individual’s travel health insurance being dropped, THIA warned.

“We were surprised to see that that many Canadians have participated in binge drinking,” THIA executive director Will McAleer told CTV News.

Possessing cannabis has also been an issue among travellers, THIA noted. Although individuals are allowed to carry a small amount of cannabis while traveling within Canada, the substance is prohibited on travels outside the country.

THIA cautioned that some domestic flights could be diverted to land in the US, and that could land cannabis users in trouble.

“Our advice to be safe is if you puff it, don’t pack it,” advised McAleer.

Travel insurance adoption and understanding remains an issue among vacationers, the survey revealed. THIA said that although 54% of surveyed Canadians plan to travel somewhere this winter, 26% are unsure of their coverage when they travel.

McAleer said that THIA wants to spread the word that everyone should be purchasing medical insurance for protection while travelling.

“Over 95% of all claims submitted are paid out so our goal is to try and get it to 100%,” he said.

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