Saskatchewan crop insurance now covers pasture fires

Saskatchewan crop insurance now covers pasture fires | Insurance Business Canada

Saskatchewan crop insurance now covers pasture fires

The government of Saskatchewan has announced that it will now pay out for crop insurance claims on losses sustained from pasture fires.

The announcement comes as the government also revealed that the insurance payout per acre will be a dollar less per acre, on average, compared to the previous year. CBC News reported that, due to the lower crop prices, the average payout in 2018 for an acre will be around $216. The average premium for 2018 will be at $8.41 per acre, less 10 cents from 2017.

Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association (SSGA) met the pasture fire coverage announcement with open arms, saying that the changes meant the province was finally recognizing the importance of cattle producers in the region.

“The wildfires last fall caused tremendous damage to pastures,” SSGA president Shane Jahnke said in a release. “At the same time, in the aftermath we identified a gap in insurance coverage and these changes help close the gap.”

Last year, fires ravaged portions of land in Alberta and Saskatchewan, particularly the areas of Burstall, Tompkins and Leader. The fires caused approximately $1 million in losses, and led to the deaths of over 700 livestock.


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