Chubb announces online cyber index platform

Chubb announces online cyber index platform | Insurance Business

Chubb announces online cyber index platform

To help the industry better understand the cyber threats organizations need protection from, Chubb has launched an online interactive platform showcasing its proprietary commercial cyber claims data.

Specifically, the new Chubb Cyber Index platform will detail nearly two decades worth of the insurer’s commercial cyber claims data. The online platform is designed to allow users to monitor the various types of cyber threats that plague organizations of various industries and sizes.

The free-to-use platform features a user-friendly interface that is accessible through either a desktop computer or mobile device. Users can set parameters unique to their company and then view historical trends based on the type of cyber threat, company size, and which industry the company operates in.

“We’re thrilled to offer businesses throughout North America this interactive capability to provide insight into real threats facing them on a daily basis,” said Chubb global cyber risk practice division president Bill Stewart. “The first step to protecting a business from a cyberattack is staying aware of what threats are most prominent to a company’s size and industry. Our Cyber Index will help users to better understand their exposures and manage risk before a cyber incident occurs.”

“Chubb has nearly two decades of cyber claims data, which enables us to help clients gain insight into the types of events affecting their industries,” added Chubb executive vice-president Michael Tanenbaum. “That insight has helped us to monitor the evolution of the marketplace and understand various threats and how they impact different businesses, based on their profile.”

A release noted that the Index will be updated biweekly; Chubb hopes to ultimately deliver real-time data with future improvements to the platform.

“As cyber risks evolve, Chubb will continue to focus and respond to the environment by its strong commitment to the industry and by providing best-in-class solutions to clients,” Tanenbaum said. “In the meantime, organizations of all sizes need to proactively assess current procedures in place to mitigate the risk from potential cyberattacks and ensure that their cyber insurance policy is structured to addresses any gaps.”


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