Aviva Canada: Distracted driving-related accidents on the rise

Insurer calls for Canadians to start "undistracted driving"

Aviva Canada: Distracted driving-related accidents on the rise

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By Lyle Adriano

Based on its claims data, Aviva Canada has published a release outlining that there is a trend of increased claims related to distracted driving, despite increases in penalties and fines.

The insurer based its findings on data gathered between 2016 and 2018. Some of Aviva’s important findings include:

  • The province with the highest percentage increase in the number of distracted driving-related claims is Alberta, which saw a 58% increase within the period.
  • The national increase of distracted driving-related claims was 23%.
  • Atlantic region saw an increase of 8%.
  • Ontario saw an increase of 12%.
  • The Greater Toronto Area saw an increase of 18%.
  • Quebec saw an increase of 34%.

“Despite increased penalties and awareness on this issue, too many Canadians are still driving distracted behind the wheel. The majority of these accidents are preventable – such as hitting stationary objects, rear ending other vehicles and inattentive lane changes,” commented Aviva Canada chief underwriting officer Phil Gibson.

Gibson also mentioned Aviva’s efforts to address the distracted driving trend through its “Undistracted Driving” campaign.

“We created the Undistracted Driving campaign because nobody likes to be nagged about their bad behaviour. Instead, we want to encourage all drivers to keep our roads safe, and we have everything we need to start Undistracted Driving today,” he said.

As part of the Undistracted Driving campaign, Aviva conducted an experiment involving three drivers, asking all three to not use any devices while in their car for an entire week. The participants’ experiences were filmed for the campaign.


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