Aviva to slash prices with ‘game-changing’ concept

Customers will soon be able to buy policies without needing to answer any questions

Aviva to slash prices with ‘game-changing’ concept

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Aviva chief executive Mark Wilson is piloting a new idea that has the potential to shake up the insurance industry.

The insurance giant’s “Ask It Never” concept will enable customers to buy policies without filling out endless forms and answering numerous questions.

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“Nothing is more annoying than being asked the same questions again and again,” Wilson said in Aviva’s Strategic Report 2016 published in March.

“Our customers want us to save them time as well as money. So our plan is to ask customers questions – once,” he added.

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Wilson said that by using data more intelligently, Aviva can offer a pre-underwritten and pre-approved quote.

“It’s a fundamentally different way of thinking,” he said. “Customers are more likely to buy additional products with us because we know them better and can meet their needs better.”

“What’s our long-term goal? To go from Ask it Once to Ask it Never – so customers don’t have to answer any questions at all,” Wilson said.

In a news article that he co-edited and published today by The Sun in the UK, Wilson said the new concept will “revolutionize” customer experience.

“This is a game changer in the global world of insurance. No one has ever done this before,” he said.

“We’re going to go from asking hundreds of questions on insurance to asking none - zero,” Wilson also said. “We’re piloting it now. We’re going to roll it out.”

Wilson said the new concept will make Aviva leaner and its premiums cheaper.
“We will pre-underwrite, pre-approve and give you a massive discount on what you’re paying, probably 20% cheaper.”




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