Celebrating 25 years of WICC with $25 million

Celebrating 25 years of WICC with $25 million | Insurance Business Canada

Celebrating 25 years of WICC with $25 million

The Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade (WICC) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and has launched a fundraising goal to raise $25 million by 2025. Since 1996, WICC and the Canadian insurance community have donated almost $18 million to fund cancer research and education.

Northbridge insurance has been such a proud long-term supporter of all that is WIICC,” Shari Dodsworth, SVP sales and distribution at Northbridge told Insurance Business. “We are the first anniversary sponsor, donating $25,000, and hope we inspire other insurers to help WIICC in this celebration to reach this momentous goal.”

“Our national sponsorship really is about us recognizing WIICC, supporting the fundraising that they do and contributing annually to support this great non-profit organization,” said Dodsworth.

“We have colleagues that have been impacted by cancer and have survivors that work at Northbridge, so we very much are inspired by how WIICC is able to unite the insurance community.”

WIICC has a golf tournament coming up in September and will be hosting its annual education breakfast in November.

“We really encourage people to attend both of those events to continue to support WIICC and come out to support and unite the insurance industry in the fight against cancer,” Dodsworth added.

Dodsworth is on the board of WICC and co-chair for the Relay for Life event.

“We use Relay for Life to bring out a lot of our colleagues in a team-based event where we get to know each other and fundraise for an important cause,” she said.

“Insurance is a people business, and we are able to celebrate reopening from the pandemic and the 25th anniversary by going to these great WIICC events that are coming up.”