Allstate Canada : Everything you need to know

Allstate Canada: Everything you need to know
Founded: 1953
Agents and employees: 2,400
Network of agencies: 90

Allstate Insurance Company of Canada (Allstate Canada) is a property and casualty insurer that delivers auto and property products to Canadians in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The company also offers specialty insurance, commercial insurance, pet insurance, boat insurance, and critical illness and accident insurance, alongside other solutions. It relies on a network of agencies to distribute products to its customers across the country.

Allstate Canada falls under the umbrella of the Allstate Corporation, which was founded in 1931 and is the largest publicly held personal lines insurer in the United States.

Allstate Canada in the news
October 2016: Windsor lawyer sues Allstate Canada over floods
February 2017: Allstate Canada renews partnership with soccer association
March 2017: Allstate Canada helps promote designated drivers for St Patrick’s Day push
August 2017: Allstate Canada expands usage-based auto insurance
November 2017: Allstate Canada's employee health and wellness program receives industry praise
March 2018: Allstate Canada reveals new water protection solution
December 2018: Allstate reveals Canada’s safest city for driving
May 2019: Allstate Canada rolls out telematics-powered safe driving app
May 2019: Whistleblower faces $700,000 lawsuit from Allstate Canada
July 2019: Superior Court dismisses Allstate Canada's defamation counter claim
November 2019: Allstate Insurance recognized for its workplace wellness programs
November 2019: Allstate Canada named one of 2019's best employers
November 2019: Allstate Canada reveals winner of driving safety contest

Key people as of 2020
Ryan Michel – President and CEO of Allstate Canada and subsidiary companies

Michel was appointed to his current position in February 2016. He is responsible for the Allstate Corporation’s entities in Canada, which include Allstate Canada, but also Pembridge Insurance Company, Pafco Insurance Company, and Ivantage Insurance Brokers.

Michel joined Allstate in 1996 as an actuarial analyst and, since that time, he has taken on positions that have focused mainly on product development, risk management, and regulatory affairs. He moved over to Allstate Canada’s leadership team in 2011 once he was appointed vice president and chief risk officer of enterprise risk management. Then, in March 2014, Michel was moved into the role of senior vice president and chief risk officer and was also appointed an officer and vice president of the Allstate Insurance Corporation. 

Allstate Canada was recently recognized as one of the Best Employers in Canada by Kincentric (formerly Aon) for the eighth consecutive year.

To receive the Best Employers certification, Allstate Canada was assessed on four factors: employee engagement, organization agility, engaging leadership, and talent focus. Kincentric measures how well each company has met the four criteria by conducting an in-depth survey of employee opinions.

“We’re honoured to once again be regarded as one of the Best Employers in Canada,” said president and CEO Michel.

He added that one of Allstate Canada’s strengths is its ability to create a workplace where employees “feel energized, engaged and empowered.”

However, not all employees have been satisfied at the company. Ex-agency manager Mehdi Joshi filed a lawsuit in 2018 where she claimed that she was fired after confronting her managers about an unwritten managerial directive to stop offering auto insurance policies in Brampton – an area with some of the highest auto insurance premiums in Ontario. She alleged that the directive is a subtle attempt to deny auto insurance to the city’s large visible-minority population.

Joshi’s lawsuit seeks $600,000 in total damages. She mentioned in her submission that Allstate has attempted to cause a “chilling effect” that would stop her from speaking to the media.

“It is very stressful to have your past employer sue you for so much money for speaking out about concerns you have regarding their practices,” her submission read.

Allstate Canada : In the news